We want to improve currency risk management in companies.

Trefix are a currency risk experts. We have gained our experience in banks, corporations and technology startups. This provides us with a synergy of competencies and allows us to see the needs of our clients from different perspectives. We want companies to lose less money by better managing their currency risk.

In 2018, we won two prestigious awards under the FXManago – our previous brand:


Trefix Mission

We enable businesspeople to manage company’s currency risk intelligently and automatically. We make work on company’s finances a simple, pleasant and understandable for everyone.

Vision and Identity

Trefix was created by people who want to improve treasury management in a small or medium-sized company. We believe that our experience in financial institutions and tech companies will lead to creation of a tool that will facilitate the management of currency risk, excess liquidity and banking products of companies from one place. The goal is to simplify and automate processes as much as possible in such a way as to free people’s time and increase the efficiency of the company’s operations. We live in such moment of history where the development of technology enables us to influence or improve decision-making processes.

The advanced algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning that we create, we want to see that they are reducing the time that people nowadays spend analyzing spreadsheets and tables with market data. Control of currency risk and liquidity risk in the company should be as simple as possible. Our mission is to stabilize the operating margin in order to achieve stability and order in the company’s finances.

Our goal for 2019 is to build the foundations for the leading fintech in the B2B market in Poland. First of all, we develop software for currency risk and currency position analysis. We will then enable our customers to make instant and forward foreign exchange transactions.

In 2020, we will begin our expansion into other markets. At the same time we are building a technical team whose task is to develop self-learning algorithms. They will analyze transactions on the platform, interrelations among data sets and automate the management of excess liquidity and overall liquidity of enterprises.

Over the next three years we want to provide our customers with a solution where artificial intelligence will automate financial management in the company.

The founders of Trefix.

Our Team

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