Why is it worth becoming a Trefix Partner?

At Trefix we believe that managing currency risk in a company can be much easier and exposed to much lower risk of error than usual. Using our experience from the largest European banking institutions and in accordance with what our clients were troubled by, we have created the only tool in Poland that practically supports the whole process of currency risk management in an organization. It is an excellent tool both for a large company dealing with hundreds of foreign currency invoices per month and for a small entrepreneur who wants to organize individual orders in foreign currencies.

Who is our affiliate program for?

Trefix Partners are usually companies or individuals who cooperate with business clients who may have currency exposure and whom Trefix could facilitate daily currency risk management. Among others, we cooperate with the following:

  • Accounting offices

  • Consulting companies

  • Providers of IT solutions to enterprises

  • Credit, insurance or investment advisors

  • Training courses providers

  • Freelance professionals, architects, graphic designers, photographers.

In other words, if your business activity at any stage interactsn other entrepreneurs who could benefit from using our solution, then the offer of partnership with Trefix is just for you.

What can you gain?

  • Additional range of services that you can offer to some of your customers

  • In addition to the bonus for each new customer we share part of their subscription fee with you for as long as they work with us!

  • Access to an innovative and award-winning product at international financial competitions that changes the way that currency risk is managed.

We will provide you with full support

Our Partners can count on the full support of our sales team and our back office.

  • We will help you with new customer onboarding and training.

  • We will provide you with access to training materials and a knowledge base on currency risk management.

  • We conduct cyclical sales and product trainings for our partners

  • Continuous development of our product and expanding the scope in which it helps your customers on a daily basis!

How do I become a Trefix Partner?

Contact us at sales@trefix.co

We will provide you with the materials regarding our cooperation and help you get started straight away!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to test Trefix yet, do it now, “sign up” and test Trefix for 30 days! By becoming our partner you will get full permanent access to Trefix so that you can present its features to your clients without any restrictions.